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Share your latest contact details with a simple code and always stay connected. Start using Olocode for free and never lose a contact.



Hey! Type in any six characters in the boxes above. This will be your private code that links to your latest contact details.


Easy to use and even easier to share. Olocode is always with you and keeps you connected with your important contacts. Your Olocode is a unique 6 character code that stores your digital business card.

Up To Date

Not registered? Not a problem. Olocode automatically updates contacts with your latest details so they can always reach you. Never worry about forgetting or losing your business card again.


Your unique 6 character code will ensure that access to your details is private but easy to share with contacts. You have complete control. Manage contacts, track changes and choose who to follow.


Take Olocode with you. Access the Olocode website on your mobile and always have your business card with you. Download our Olocode App and gain access to the card scanning feature, allowing you to scan a printed card and have it automatically transform the information into digital format.

"Networking has become a lot easier, I meet people and it's extremely easy to push my details to them."
Karl Bronto
"I have saved sooo much time using Olocode. I don't have to sit in front of my computer typing all of my contact details anymore."
Emily Hessford
"Not sure why this wasn't thought of years ago. I love that it's free and just gets the job done."
Mark Baldwin
"The guys at Olocode are constantly improving their system. Can't wait till more people start using this. Just what is needed."
Dan Victory